The Identity Opportunity

Think about this: you can’t build ANY service that needs identity if the service usefulness is smaller than the cost (mind and time) of the login process.

– Davide ‘Folletto’ Casali answering “What’s wrong with OpenID?” on Quora

What a perfect way to phrase it. Apple’s various app stores have been so successful because they have lowered the obstacles to app discovery and installation enough that a whole new class of focused applications suddenly had greater usefulness than the cost of finding and installing them. There is an opportunity equal to or greater than the app store out there for web applications.


A New Twitter Feature to Facilitate Conversations

Despite the constant of addition of functionality to most of the Twitter clients out there, none of the ones I’ve looked at have a simple function that I find myself interested in time and again – the ability to quickly see all the tweets directed (via @) at someone besides me. How is this not a standard feature? It’s such a natural step. Take, for example, the common scenario of someone tweeting a question. What should I do to see the answers others tweeted? Many of the clients support the conversation feature, so it’s easy to see the tweets that replied directly (by clicking “Reply” on the tweet itself), but I’ve found that most people do not use that feature. Instead they compose a new tweet and type in the @. The only way I’ve found to see these replies is to perform a search for @username.

Twitter clients should add a tab on a user’s profile page for viewing tweets directed @ that person. If one of the larger clients did it I’d wager it would go on to become a standard feature of all top-shelf Twitter clients.